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About Us

Spain Property is founded by Inter Mangement a company located in the Netherlands and Marbella. We are a real estate agent broker company founded by the same team that built an real estate company in Asia with great success and we are now ready to ‘transform’ and the Spanish real estate market with a ‘data driven ‘real estate website to provide the best properties on the Costa del Sol.


Michel Klein

our sales real estate consultant is responsible for selling apartments and homes.


Marie Hooimans

our sales real estate consultant is responsible for selling apartments and homes.


Karen Polski

does photography, takes care of the 360-degree virtual tour and aerial photographs.


Billy S. Horner

director and co-owner of Spain Property, organizes events and property shows abroad.

Real estate agent Spain

This website was launched in Marbella, Spain and we try to offers direct and easy access to the largest database with properties in the Costa del Sol with homes and new build projects, all on one platform that focuses on selling only the best properties on the coast.

We strive for a place where buyers, can find their perfect home or investment and we can provide a one stop service.

We are like a real old fashioned real estate agency and guide our customers until the sale or purchase is closed. What makes us different is the internet, we are the broker of the future who is specialized in houses, apartments and new build projects.

Our team

Spain Property has a small team of real estate seller professionals who have years of experience in real estate market. Our team can help you further to find your perfect dream home or real estate investment.

We present everything very professionally to make it easier for you to buy or sell the property. We do our best that all information and prices are accurate and offer a good and fast service 7 days a week. We do not work based on office hours and you can also call us 24/7.

If you are looking for a top broker in the Costa del Sol, look no further and contact us. You will see that our team is performing and supporting customers the best.

Makelaar van de toekomst

We are the real estate agent of the future, e-mail or call us.

Our sales team is ready to help and support you with the purchase.